Paier and University of Bridgeport

I began my design journey at Paier College of Art. At Paier, I studied Interior Design and after two years I decided to transfer to a different school where I could study Industrial Design. Luckily, the University of Bridgeport was just a town over from where I was living and they were able to accept me into the program. My first year as an Industrial Design student was intense. In order to stay on pace with my graduation plan, I took both Sophomore and Junior design classes. This meant learning the basics of industrial design, while simultaneously working on high level projects.

During my second semester in Industrial Design my class was assigned to participate in the World Traffic Safety Symposium’s 2018 Automotive Safety Competition. Despite my initial insecurities, I placed first in the competition. This was a huge turning point in finding a direction for my career. The competition asked participants to conceptualize a product that would improve automotive safety.


It was then that I realized I could combine my design skills with my passion to help people. This is what ultimately lead me to enter the Human Centered Healthcare Design certificate program at Parsons. I began taking these classes while working at the Subway World Headquarters as a Store Design Consultant.  Those classes exposed me to the concept of Human Centered Design and how it is applied to the medical field. Additionally, these classes introduced me to UX / UI Design.

From there, I entered into Parsons’ User Centered UX/UI Certificate program. During which I gained an understanding of the foundations of UX / UI Design.