HR Nexus

How might we create an application that serves HR consultants and their clients?


HR Nexus was assigned to me during my studies at Parsons’ Human Centered UX/UI Certificate Program. The goal of HR Nexus was to analyze research and find opportunities to create a new HR consulting web service.

Digging into the Research

Company Identity & Values

Who is funding the creation of HR Nexus?

What is the purpose of HR Nexus?

What are the internal values of HR Nexus?

High Level Goals of HR Nexus

HR Nexus Clients

HR Consultants

Value Propositions | What value will HR Nexus bring to users?

Needs in the Market

Trends in the Market

How can we differentiate HR Nexus from competitors?

Defining the Challenges

Context, Actions, and Goals

What is the objective? Who are the users? What is required for HR Nexus to be a success?


What is the Physical Context?

What is the Relational Context?


What are the most important activities for the app?

What are the most important objects?


What emotional goals require fulfillment?

What functional goals are required?


Design Requirements

Which 8 requirements would have the most impact?

Objective of the Service

How can we improve on the HR Consultancy service?

Users & Stakeholders

Who are the top users and interested parties?

The Central Design Challenge

How can we create a platform to provide cost effective HR services for startups and small businesses?

Gather Inspiration

Ease of Payment

PayPal is an excellent example of a service that provides seamless payment to users.

Humanly Design

Despite the minimalistic look, Nintendo Switch’s UI has a unique feeling of humanness to it.


Google Drive provides its users with a plethora of productivity services.

Ease of Use

After speaking with non-tech-savvy people, I discovered that they found pay phones easy to use.

Photo by Brian Marco on Unsplash

Create the Flow

User Journey Map - HR Pro Perspective

User Journey Map - Client Perspective

Figma Wireframe

This wireframe represents the sign-up flow for new HR Pro users.